Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Dynamic Power

Accessing Five Reservoirs of Personal Power Within

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Course Objective:

To strengthen your personal vitality and the reservoir of metaphysical powers you can command or control, through attunement to those inner and outer alchemical forces embedded into the archetypal tarot architecture.

Course Description:

We often hear about using tarot for shadow work. This course takes that concept a step further to address how tarot and shadow work can be utilized to cultivate dynamic personal power. The more personal power you wield, the greater likelihood of success you'll enjoy in achieving your goals.

To break vicious cycles that hold you down and to overcome that which haunts you, you need force. You can summon that force from within you and to navigate that inner landscape of yours in search of your powers, we use the tarot. The course addresses how to source power from five specific inner reservoirs, corresponding with the architecture of tarot, which are as follows:

Expert or authoritative power, which we harness through the Fire elements in tarot;

The power of charisma, or appeal, harnessed through the Water elements;

The power of punishment to reinforce your personal sovereignty, harnessed through Air;

The power of reward, or building relations, harnessed through Earth; and

The power of change, or the power of esoteric knowledge, harnessed by attuning to Spirit and how Spirit presents itself in the tarot deck.

The tarot will be used as an anchoring and centering tool for navigating the inner landscape in search of those five reservoirs of power. We can also better understand these five powers of social psychology through the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana.

We will cover both the psychological and the metaphysical facets of these powers and how you can activate them by navigating your shadow landscape with the tarot. Overcome lack mentality, the pain of failure, recurring underachievement, fear, inertia, and insecurity by activating these five powers that are just beyond the nether regions of your own mind and will.

Tarot, social psychology, chakra strengthening, self-reflection, personal ritual, spell-crafting, and basic East Asian Qi energy work will be covered. The course content delves unabashedly into faith-based material.


- Rudimentary, beginner-level knowledge of tarot

- An open mind

- Commitment to at least 60 seconds of energy cultivation exercises daily and monthly "check-ins" with yourself via ritualized work for about one calendar year

Materials Provided:

- Nine video lectures, total run time approximately 150 minutes

- Course guidebook, PDF (see table of contents linked below)

First Assignment:

In college and definitely in grad school, many professors would post the first day's assignment prior to commencement of the course. Some students would ignore the posting, not even realize it was posted, or just wait until the academic ball got rolling before jumping into the reading and work. Some students, however, would get on it asap. Which you choose to be is, well, up to you. For those who'd like to get ahead, you can preview the table of contents for the course guidebook that you'll be getting and also get started on the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 reading.

Course Guidebook Table of Contents

Chapters 1 and 2

Important Notes:

The instructor of this course is not a licensed counselor, therapist, or psychologist. This course is designed for general spiritual educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat specific psychological issues. Course content is designed for individuals in ordinary mental and physical health.

Your Instructor

Benebell Wen
Benebell Wen

Benebell Wen is the author of Holistic Tarot, The Tao of Craft, and the recipient of four major book awards. Wen has studied various esoteric arts in both Eastern and Western traditions for as long as she can remember, with the tarot being her primary mode of divination. By day, she is a corporate lawyer who works in venture capital, practicing law in California and New York. Learn more about her tarot and other metaphysical dabblings at www.benebellwen.com. She is also active on Instagram as @bellwen and Twitter as @tarotanalysis.

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