Tarot for Navigating Growth & Change

Have you heard the saying “The only constant in life is change”? Perhaps this has left you feeling like you’d love some support and skills that you can add to your toolkit and use whenever you’re going through growth and change in your life.

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

My Intention in creating the Course “Tarot for Navigating Growth & Change” is for you to learn skills and get in touch with your intuition and internal guidance so you feel empowered in navigating and even initiating growth and changes within your life. I want you to walk away from this course feeling the connection with your inner voice of your Higher Self.

Through this Course there are 5 Modules which will teach you:

1. Anatomy of Growth & Change - All about what growth and change is, how to identify a growth and change period, why it’s important, how it links into our life’s journey as a human being and our Soul’s journey throughout many lifetimes. We’ll also look at what happens when we resist growth and change and I’ll share with you skills on how to be an active participant in your life journey and how to build a healthy relationship with growth and change.

2. Stepping Up + Tuning In - I’ll share with you all about how your energy field, intuition, higher self and internal guidance all work together to support you in being human and navigating you’re life’s journey. You’ll also learn how to tap into your own energy and listen to your inner voice which will show you which way to turn and how to navigate any change and growth periods within your life.

3. Using Tarot as a Supportive Tool - This is where we will dive into using the Tarot deck itself as a supportive tool in your growth and change periods and how it can help yo guide you when you’re going through the internal and external work that takes place in these cycles and times. We’ll look at how the Major Arcana is reflective of the bigger cycles we go through as Soul’s experiencing a Human life, and we’ll look at the Minor Arcana supports us through our bigger cycles. I also have some really interesting personal stories to share with you too!

4. Tarot Mapping -This Module will be highly interactive where I will be guiding you through sitting down and creating your own intuitive map for the cycle that you’re going through. This map will be a supportive tool that you can come back to throughout your journey and track your progress and see how you’re on the right track. Another awesome thing is that once you know how to create your own Intuitive Map, you can do it at any stage in your life’s journey!

5. Staying empowered along the journey - In the last module, I’ll take you through a guided meditation to connect with your Soul’s Purpose and your Life’s journey. You’ll see how everything you’ve been through is all interlinked together to create who you are today, and you’ll get to experience visions and flashes of insight into what aligned path feels best for your future and how to create the life that feels amazing for you.

What You Will Need:

You will need a Tarot or Oracle deck that you resonate with. You’ll also need quiet space and time to really start exploring your inner world.

I’d love if you can also bring an open mind and a heart that is ready to learn and explore!

Materials Provided:

5 x 30 minute videos. One for each module with the content covered in the module. These will also be provided as written E-Books if you prefer to read through the content.

Fillable Workbook which you can print or use online to answer questions and start applying the content to your own life and experience.

2 x Guided Meditations. One will guide you in anchoring in and connecting with your Higher Self to create your Tarot Map. The other will guide you through connecting with your Soul’s purpose and Life’s journey.

My whole course has been created for you to feel clear and empowered within yourself and have the bravery and courage to jump into the unknown and navigate life’s changes and growth periods, which are so beautifully and naturally human!

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Love, Courtney x

Your Instructor

Courtney Allen
Courtney Allen

Courtney Allen is an Intuitive Tarot Reader with a passion for connecting you with your innate power and wisdom. Courtney believes that each of us were existing as Souls within the Cosmos and chose to come to Earth and experience a brilliantly wonderful and adventurous Human Life.

This of course, comes with many ups and downs and Courtney is passionate about supporting you and teaching you skills to navigate these changes and experiences.

Courtney says “It’s your birthright to feel alive and experience the life that you came to Earth to live.” She believe this starts by listening to your internal guidance and your intuition and trusting the map that already lives within your heart and soul.

Courtney currently offers Intuitive Readings and Workshops which are focused on reminding you how brilliantly powerful and wise you really are and empowering you to access the soul-knowledge you already have within you.

Email: courtneyallen.co@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/courtneyallen.co

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